Time Management

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Marie will help you set priorities, goals, and time-lines for a simpler, less stressful life that meets your wants and needs. Time management is all about planning your time to minimize stress. Put Marie's extensive knowledge to work for you!


The time management program focuses on things like creating a priority list before leaving the office or going to bed, knowing your priorities and being flexible, getting enough sleep and exercise, taking a time-out when you need it, learning to say No! - Marie will role-play this with you - remembering to delegate, learning to ask questions and questioning assumptions. Special emphasis is placed on planning extra time for project activities because of Murphy's Law. This fudge factor will give you breathing room and less stress.


The time management program is not about multi-tasking. Multi-tasking wastes time. Studies show that each interruption requires ten minutes to get refocused. If you are a chronic multi-tasker, the time management program is for you. Call Finding-Time today.


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