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Did you know that most small businesses today receive more mail in one day than most offices in the 1950s received in a month? and did you know that the majority of people working from home or running a small business lose a significant amount of productivity and revenues due to lack of organization?


Many people today are too busy to become properly organized. Most continue day after day blissfully unaware that if they took time to establish some basic systems they could free up their time to become more productive and benefit from greater efficiency.


Marie Sheedy and her team at Finding-Time are specialists at putting the homeworker and small business person back in the driver's seat, and in control of life and work. They will help you with your unique office needs, with everything from sorting mail to filing systems. They will help you to establish priorities and help systemize office work flow.


Office organizing from FInding-Time is ideal for small offices and those working from home.


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