Home Organizing


Organize, declutter, and create systems unique to you for any room, including closets, pantry, inside kitchen cabinets, garage, attic, basement. The professionals at Finding-Time will help you with every inch of your home.


The Finding-Time team uses a strategic hands-on approach. They don't just consult, Marie and her team will help you through each step of organizing and show you how to maintain an organized home, with a unique system designed around your specific needs.


Marie Sheedy and her team deliver time tested, and successful techniques and methods that can easily be maintained by the homeowner going forward. Marie and her team believe strongly in positive reinforcement to bring out the best in people. The professionals at Finding-Time never use negative words, they are positive every step of the way, and your experience with them will be positive and enjoyable from the first minute to the last.


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Email: timefinders@comcast.com

Phone: (413) 532-5663