About Finding Time

marie sheedy

Marie Sheedy is a people person. This shines through in everything she does, and it's the foundation of Finding-Time. Marie started Finding-Time in 1999 because she loves people and helping others.


Marie's background is varied and interesting. She started selling women's clothing while still in High School, and that in the days when it meant knowing all the lines of clothing in a store, as well as knowing how to tell a customer, not only what looked good, but tactfully what didn't. She was the #2 salesperson for Kempton's while not even twenty-one years old. Even then, Marie had a knack for helping people.


Marie has been working with people successfully her entire life, at everything from sales jobs to non-profits to doctor's offices. She even owned a cleaning business at one point! Eventually, Marie realized that it would be a good idea to add some eduction to her already impressive resume. She attended Mount Holyoke College as a Francis Perkins Scholar on full scholarship. She graduated Magna Cum Laude within three-years, with a B.A. in the Sociology of Organizational Behavior. Marie offers both impeccable people skills and tried and tested scientific principals. The result is Finding-Time.


Whether you need to organize your home, your office, or just find more time in your day, Marie Sheedy and her colleagues at Finding-Time are perfectly placed to help you. See what clients are saying! and remember, the professionals at Finding-Time will not just save you time and effort, their services will save you money as well. Being disorganized is expensive, and in some cases it can be financially catastrophic. Don't waste another day being disorganized. Call Marie and her team at Finding-Time today, (413) 532-5663